Social responsibility

The people of Zainabad are farmers & salt manufacturers. Through Desert Coursers, the Family supports a host of social projects around Zainabad. While some profits are used for the upkeep and modernization of the Resort, this is always balanced to make sure most of the profits are ploughed back into society. This includes running a High School that is accessed by local and children from nearby villages.

In 1999 local water wells were reconstructed to provide water to about 2000 people, in the same year, opened a boarding school for about 40 children whose parents are salt manufacturers and hence deprived of education. The school gives them basic education, lodging & boarding and an escape from being in a labour-intensive salt pan.

In February 2002

Another big disaster struck Gujarat, the Riots. During this time Desert Coursers came as big help, the cottages accommodated the people who had fled and lost their dear ones & belongings. The Resort became a refuge camp providing people with the much needed medical & food facilities. Desert Coursers is still helping families like these with work opportunities so they can survive. Free education is given to their children.

In 2006

Akaash Ganga was inaugurated. Here we provide room, board and schooling for underprivileged children with specific attention to the girl child and salt worker children.

Young people from all over the world donate their time to teach the children something new. Others provide funds and specific donations.


Best Educator presented by the Education Minister

They are also an integral part of Desert Coursers and who we are. When we think of Desert Coursers, we think of Akaash Ganga, ZHEDP, Salt Children, Desert Coursers and our natural world.

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