Our Heritage

The Head of State, who is of the Multani Malek race, traced their descent from the Multani Olia (Saint), Khwaja Bahudin Zakaria generally known as Bahawal Haq Multani.

In about 1901, in the time of Malek Shri Zain Khanji, there was a separation and the State of Zainabad was founded and bears the name of the founder.

The area of the state was 78 KM2 ( 7 villages ), and the population of the state was 3,414 in 1931

Privy purse of state on the time of accession (15Th Feb.1948 ) was Rs.33,800

The State had jurisdiction as under

Criminal : Three months rigorous imprisonment and fines to the extent of Rs. 200

Civil: To the extent of Rs. 500
Revenue Stamps

Malik Shri ZAIN KHAN JORAWAR KHAN (1st October 1885-January 1923), succeeded 9th February 1906, married and had issue.

Kumar Shri Hamidkhanji

Malik Shri AZIZ MOHAMMED KHANJI ( born 22nd June 1917 – April 1945), succeeded on 26th January 1923, married and had issue.

Malek Shri MOHAMMED SHABBIR, succeed April 10th, 1945

Malik Shri MOHAMMED SHABBIR (born 1941), married to Rani Riddhi Malik (born 1940), and has issue.

Kuvar Shri DHANRAJ AZIZ MALIK, (born 1966)
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